GreenBook: the eco-innovation guide in collaboration with Total

The development of CSR in companies has made eco-innovation emerge. This guide was elaborated to help the managers in their eco-innovative approach. It gives an overview of some of the eco-innovation techniques that can be used in the company environment to adapt its activity.

Society has greatly evolved in the last decade. Society adopts new values so the technology creates new engines to respond to the demand and business put it in the market in order to create added value. Awareness among companies has led to the implementation of CSR principles, but also the integration of a transparent and ethical behavior into the organization as a whole and in its relationships. Eco-innovation emerged from the development of CSR in companies.

Designed to help the managers in their eco-innovative approach, this guide is intended to compile the following:
– The 14 most extensive eco-innovation methods (EcoM2, LCA, Factor 4, Open Green…)
– The 8 main tools for eco-innovation (MET matrix, Eco compass, TRIZ…)
– 9 case studies illustrating the practical application of these methods and tools.

About the guide

Coached by Manadvise, five students from the EM Normandie business school, Laurie Bignalet, Maxence Plessis, Guillaume Laurent, Marine Simon and Louis Mérienne, realized this guide, in collaboration with Total.

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