Sustainable cities: an inter-disciplinary challenge

Find out more about the inter-disciplinary challenge on sustainable cities we organized for students from Ecole Polytechnique and ESCP Business School. The students' proposals are grasped in this paper written in collaboration with onepoint.

Beyond smart cities, what makes cities sustainable from both economic and ecologic perspectives? What are the pre-requisites in terms of governance, data management and strategy? What are the most relevant use cases and « quick-wins » for buildings, cities, or districts? Through a challenge with students from ESCP Business School and École Polytechnique, we aim to provide some answers to these questions.

About the paper

In Spring 2021, the sustainable cities challenged has been organized by Manadvise and sponsored by onepoint in an open-innovation setting:

  • 15 ESCP Business School students from the option Consulting Dynamics and Practices coordinated by Pr. Daniel ROUACH and coached by Stéphane LESAGE.
  • 15 Ecole Polytechnique students from the course Sustainable Strategy & Business Models coordinated by Dr. Benjamin LEHIANY and Dr. Cécile CHAMARET.
  • Mixed-up in 5 teams of 6 students competing for the best solution including technology and business model components.
  • Jean-Pierre Poinsignon and Olivier Temam, Partner at onepoint, have helped students addressing the challenge from the most relevant perspective.

This paper gathers summaries about the students’ solutions for more sustainable cities on three topics: 0-carbon, 0-waste and sobriety.  

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