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The Future of Luxury

In Spring 2022, Manadvise and onepoint organized the Future of Luxury challenge in an open-innovation setting:

– 80 ESCP Business School Master students from the option Consulting Dynamics and Practices coordinated by Pr. Daniel ROUACH, Stéphane LESAGE, Benjamin LEHIANY and Patrice SANTI.

– Mixed-up in 16 teams of 5 students competing for the best solution including technology, environment and business model components.

– Gaëlle RODRIGUES, Client account Leader Luxe, together with Matthieu SALLES, Business designer and Martin LAUQUIN, Leader Innovation & Design Fiction at onepoint, have helped students address the challenge from the most relevant perspective.

– Students have been coached during 3 months by Manadvisors Samy-William NDOKO, Nicolas GOUZIEN and Stéphane LESAGE to learn how to deliver professional outcomes.

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